Youth Sports Access and Affordability is at Risk

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Access to affordable youth sports is at risk. It's facing extinction in communities all across America. I'm afraid that too few people understand how precarious the situation is. In this article, I share two very personal stories that I hope illustrate the problem as well as some solutions. 

Access and Affordable Youth Sports

Volunteers Keep Costs Low and Provide Access and Affordability

Without Volunteers, the cost of youth sports easily jumps to 10x what it would be with volunteers. Those who are volunteering are burning out. Too many jobs are being piled onto the few volunteers who are willing to help. 

For volunteers, it's death by a thousand cuts. Each new little thing that needs to be done - doesn't get done unless the already overloaded volunteers take on more work. This has to change or there won't be anyone left to serve. 

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The Soccer Sidelines

Soccer Dad, Coach, and Club President who is devoted to developing kids and their families. With a diverse background in leadership in other settings, David is focused on empowering parents, players, and coaches to focus on the stuff that really matters in youth sports.