What can we do during the COVID-19 crisis?

what can we do during the COVID-19 crisis

Having a global pandemic on the loose is a scary thing under any circumstances, but limit social interactions and keep people from congregating and we're facing double trouble! Humans tend to raft together in times of crisis. This behavior kept us alive when we came down from the tree and faced off against predators. People all around the world are asking themselves: what can we do during the COVID-19 crisis?

In this episode, let's talk about some of the cool things going on and maybe stimulate some  thinking around how we can weather this storm a little easier. 

What can we do during COVID-19

What we're facing

The challenge isn't just with the virus. There are financial implications for everyone. There is social isolation at a time when humans are used to coming together. There is a lack of exercise options, major changes in routine, fear mongering on the TV, and kids who need our positivity at a time when positivity seems to be in short supply. 

Add to this genuine concerns that people have  for loved ones who may be in a higher risk category, and the situation becomes all-pandemic, all-the-time discussions - which leads to fatigue. 

The multiplicity of the challenge means a range of secondary effects like depression, getting out of shape, and emotional damage caused by stress. Not great for strengthening the immune system!

Some cool things people are doing

As we wrestle with the question, what can we do during the COVID-19 crisis, some thought leaders are stepping up and making a difference in our communities. 

  • Lauri Lane from the Potomac Soccer Club is bringing professional soccer players online to interact with kids in the club. 
  • Steve Knapman from the Potomac Soccer Club has created a season-long development program that kids can do from home. 
  • John Dingle from Soccer Source 360 has his kids doing landscaping jobs and making their home look beautiful. 
  • Rick Watts of St Mary's Soccer Club took his camera, a tripod, a ball, and his son out back to record a series of exercises that kids from his club can do at home. 

Each of these projects bring fitness, connection, and value into an otherwise dark situation. Local leaders all over the country are stepping up to do their part and help community keep life going!

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What can we do during the COVID-19 crisis?

Ask yourself and really think about it for a few minutes each day: what can we do during the COVID-19 crisis? Think about this question in terms of yourself (it's important to be a little selfish and give yourself the gift of fitness and stress relief), in terms of your family, and in terms of your community. If you can think of and implement just one idea - good or bad - you might not only make someone's day better, but you may inspire others to do the same. The biggest super power that humans have is community!

Please share!

I want your idea to help inspire others to try the same. Our community here at The Soccer Sidelines is growing every week. It's full of smart, caring, motivated people who might just pick up your idea and make it real in their community. A little sharing goes a long way. 

As you think about what we can do during the COVID-19 crisis, remember that there are lot's of us who would love to know (and maybe try) some of the things you're doing to keep fun in the house!

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