#13 – Talent is Only Part of Success in Sports

Inspired by an article written by Fred Bowen of the Washington Post titled “Athletic Ability is just a part of success in sports,” we hear what 5 high school coaches are looking for from players beyond athletic ability.


We also hear about what Tom Statham from Manchester United’s Youth program has to say about essentially the same subject.

Time and again, we hear that what separates the good from the great is Character. Coaches from high schools to the pros are echoing this message over and over again: talent isn’t enough. Youth wanting to participate – whether in higher competitive level soccer or in life in general – must develop core character skills around sportsmanship, teamwork, empathy, leadership, and more.

In this episode, we review multiple coach’s input and talk about being intentional with development of character.

Resouces Mentioned in this Episode:

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