Making Mistakes in Youth Sports is Good

Mistakes are a part of life. When we stop making mistakes, it usually means we stop trying to do anything. Without mistakes, we stop growing and we encourage those around us to stop growing. So why are we so bitter about our mistakes?

In this episode, we talk about the value of making mistakes in youth sports and how we can send an empowering signal to our kids with the right message.

Youth sports allows us the gift of creating thousands of teachable moments in a safe environment. In this episode I share some practical tips for what to say to kids (for parents and for coaches) when we come across mistakes.

Those of us who make more mistakes, improve a lot faster. We grow faster. And we give ourselves permission to be human.

making mistakes in youth sports

A Young Man Learning to Shoot 

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Soccer Dad, Coach, and Club President who is devoted to developing kids and their families. With a diverse background in leadership in other settings, David is focused on empowering parents, players, and coaches to focus on the stuff that really matters in youth sports.