Returning to Play

At long last, it's time to try to get back to the field. What we're returning to looks very different from what it used to be like before COVID-19, but it's a start. In this episode, let's talk about who's returning to play, how we're returning to play, and take in a good example of return to play guidelines. 

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Is it Time to Return to Play?

In the World:

  • German Bundesliga says that it returned to play May 15th
  • English Premiere League announced that it will return to play June 17th
  • The Italians Serie A announced that it will return to play on June 20th.
  • The French have announced that they will not be returning to play in the near term

In the US:

  • NWSL announced on May 27th that it will be returning to play with a 25 game tournament that starts on June 27th. 
  • USL Championship Board of Governors voted to return to play - target July 11th
  • The MLS is targeting early July to return to play while they work through a number of obstacles I talk about in the show. 

It looks like the time is now to start stepping carefully back onto the field - with restrictions I talk about in the show that are described in the document in the resources section of the show notes below. 


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