Bringing Parent, Players, and Coaches Together Around the Stuff That Really Matters

Whether you're walking the sidelines as a parent, as a coach, as a player, or as a club administrator, some of the best and most game-and-player supportive discussions will be happening all around you. Some of the most game-and-player destructive things are going on there as well. This program provides sideline conversations that add value to the game and to our young player's lives. 

Youth programs are for developing youth. They are not designed to turn young people into gladiators who do battle for the pleasure of sideline observers. While it's easy to get emotional at games, let's get emotional about the great things going on in our kids lives - the life skills they are learning, the positive examples of volunteerism, or the bonds that are deepening within families.

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David Dejewski

The Soccer Sidelines

About the Author

A multi-sport kid, Boy Scout, military veteran, investment banker, former government supervisory GS-15 Director for Business Transformation turned entrepreneurial small business owner, and a volunteer for most of his life, David brings listeners meaningful insights about the things that matter beyond the scoreboard. He came off the sidelines as a soccer dad to help out as an assistant coach in 2010. Since then, he's picked up credentials from USSF, NFHS, and USC in both soccer and futsal. 

He served as Director for Recreation for his club in Maryland, was elected President one year later, and has since served as Registrar, Treasurer, Uniform Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, Head Coach, Board Chairman, social media person, graphics designer, Director for Coaching, Director for Recreation, Risk Manager, Director for the Academy, Marketing Director, Fundraising Manager, Training Coordinator, Director for Travel, MSYSA Liaison, Webmaster, Sign putter-outter and picker upper, Sponsorship Coordinator, Futsal Program Manager, Partnership Coordinator, and Tournament coordinator.

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