#8 – Getting Familiar with The Throw In


The throw-in is a basic maneuver that all soccer players, parents, fans, and coaches need to be familiar with. There are rules for the throw-in: where they are relevant, body position, physical position relative to the field, the movement itself, what other receiving players can or can not do, whether offsides rules apply during a throw-in. It’s equally important to know what happens if the rules are violated, and what happens if the ball goes into one of the nets from a throw-in.

In this episode, we reveal the ins and outs of the throw-in. Being familiar with this common play action will help anyone getting to know the game to appreciate the game more.

  • Foot placement
  • Distance from the touchline
  • Drawing the ball up over the head
  • Distance field players must maintain from the player throwing in
  • Penalties for violation of the various throw-in rules
  • Offsides rule during a throw-in
  • The longest throw-in

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

  • “Soccer Throw-In.” The Soccer Bible, 20 June 2014, www.football-bible.com/soccer-info/soccer-throw-in.html.
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