Fundraising For Youth Clubs and Teams

This is About Your Mission

Fundraising is about finding more fuel for your club or organization. We simply can't do what our mission calls us to do without money.

As a youth sports club, a school, or a not-for-profit, even if you think you're all set, the reality is: there are people we could and should be serving, who we can't reach without capital.

In the USA, youth clubs are funded primarily through membership or registration fees (bottom up). Some clubs get sponsorships, many do fundraisers, some offer additional clinics and camps. Every Club needs money for one really good reason: not everyone who should play can afford to pay. There is a lot of talented kids out there that we really want playing soccer, but they can't afford to pay even modest fees. 

In Europe, the big networks fund football (soccer) clubs. Money flows down from big pipes into smaller pipes and eventually ends up in the form of subsidized play, resident camps, and so on. In the USA, money flow up from individual wallets. That means some just can't afford soccer. 

How Are Organizations Raising Money Today?

Our options are limitless. The strength of our imagination is the only limiting factor - and that can be stretched by exposure to new ideas. 

What kinds of ideas do you have for fundraising? Please leave a comment in the comment's section below so everyone can benefit from our collective experience. 

David Dejewski

Coach / Club President / Podcaster

Here are a few ideas that I've run across over the years:


Approximate $ Value

Additional Benefits

Ask Members for Donations

Varies - based on financial well being of donors and perceived strength of the mission

Can be an opportunity to deepen relationships

Car Wash

A few hundred dollars

Team building and fun

Camps / Clinics

Varies, but start at $10 / player

+ relationship and skills building

+ possible new opportunities for players 

+ strategic alliances to bring more value / resources to the mission. 

Custom Balls and Gear

Pennies to dollars per item

+ get more gear that people will use 

+ promotional material


Varies on items - tens to thousands

+ promotion and pride


Varies by type and region - hundreds to tens of thousands

+ promotion of the sport

+ fun for kids and parents

Agreements with local restaurants

$150 - $250 per 2 hour block

+ easy

+ potential gathering place

Mulch Sales

$5k to $20k depending on organization and local market

+ hard work

+ lots of logistics

+ team building

Candy, Popcorn, etc

Spread on each item - usually pennines to a few dollars per sale

+ easy to understand.

+ get's members out into the community

Selling Discount Subscriptions to local and national business specials and discounts

$1,500 - $25,000 - depending on organization size and participation

+ relationships with local businesses

+ good will in the community

+ savings for members

+ exposure in local economy

+ ease of sales via text, social media, email, and face-to-face

+ reporting and tracking of progress

  • Ask members for donations
  • Car Wash
  • Custom Balls and Gear
  • Spiritwear
  • Tournaments
  • Agreements with local restaurants
  • Mulch Sales
  • Candy, Popcorn, etc
  • Selling Discount Subscriptions to local and National Business specials and discounts

See the full table with approximate dollar value and additional benefits on an iPad or a computer

Get Your Own Fundraiser Manager Platform

Building Good Will in the Community

All organizations need to get along well with others. If you run a not-for-profit, chances are you have a collection of people who support your cause and want the best from the community around them. By bringing the best that local businesses offer to your membership, both your membership and local businesses should benefit. 

With a fundraiser like this, you are doing a service in your community by promoting a healthy economy. The more people use the discounts we've served up for them, the more money they save on things they would normally buy and the more revenue local businesses will realize. This is a win for you (you get to keep 70% of the sale of each subscription), a win for your supporters (they get to realize tremendous savings - much more than $25 in a year), and a win for local businesses (they get to serve more customers and a chance to keep them long term if they treat their new customers well). 

What Does The Soccer Sidelines Get out of the Deal?

It is fair to say that our interests are aligned. The more successful your fundraiser is, the more successful I am. I'm actually going to work for a portion of the 30% from each sale that goes to overhead. The majority of that 30% goes to the platform, to the company that does the research and secures the national vendor agreements, and to support. A fraction of this revenue comes in my direction and will be used to fund and grow this show. 

My alternatives to fundraise for this show are similar to alternatives faced by all organizations. I must find a way to generate revenue in order to keep the lights on. Sponsor money, donor money, and now service money all help. I call money I earn from working for you "service money" because I'm agreeing to provide a service for you in exchange for a portion of the sales. By bringing you the platform, setting up your organization, and monitoring / servicing your fundraiser, I'm adding value to you, my listener, while you add value to your organization, your supporters, and your local economy. 

Why Are You Asking For My Mobile Phone?*

We ask for a mobile phone because all program links for management, payment, and the app itself are typically sent via text message. It's much easier to load on a mobile phone using this method. 

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The Soccer Sidelines

Soccer Dad, Coach, and Club President who is devoted to developing kids and their families. With a diverse background in leadership in other settings, David is focused on empowering parents, players, and coaches to focus on the stuff that really matters in youth sports.

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