#64 – Follow The Golden Rule

This week, we're in pre-season. There are lot's of setup activities going on and in many places, buildings are mostly staff-only. That's where I met Shauna. Shauna is a pretty typical employee working in the youth sports space. Her stories inspired me to share this episode as a cautionary tale for new parents and coaches. Bottom line up front: be nice. You never know who's watching and remembering you!

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This week, I'm in PA with about 80 Boy Scouts. We'll be hunkered down in cabins, enjoying the snow adventure, doing 5 mile hikes, and working on merit badge skills. It also means I won't be around to do a lot of research for this episode. So really quick and dirty, this episode is from this week's experience and a good story for all newbies. 

I'm searching for stories from you about kids or adults you know (it could be you) who have learned lessons in the youth sports environment and applied them in real life. You can reach me at Podcast@thesoccersidelines.com, on Facebook at The Soccer Sidelines, or on Twitter at Soccer Sidelines because Twitter likes to keep things short. Send me your stories! I'll be sharing some of these on the air and look forward to reading every one!

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