Extra Benefits of Soccer – Networking

Soccer offers students many benefits as they mature through the development years, but benefits of soccer don't stop there. In this episode, we explore how the game of soccer can connect us with 3.5 Billion fans around the world and create networking opportunities in situations far removed from the soccer field throughout life. 

Soccer is Big Everywhere!

Soccer is the biggest game in the world! Between the players and the fans, you're more likely to run into someone who knows and loves the game of soccer than any other game in the world. 

  • 250 Million players world-wide in 200 countries
  • 12 Million players every year in the US
  • 3.5 Billion fans around the world

The biggest single sport in the United States is American Football - which has 400 Million fans. This hardly comes close to the numbers of people we find in the game or supporting the game of soccer. You can travel to more than 200 countries, pick up a soccer ball, kick it, and it's GAME ON for you and those around you. 

Benefits of Soccer Beyond the Pitch

The chances of you running into someone who is somehow affiliated with the game of soccer are significant. Whether you're a soccer parent, an adult player, a former youth player, or a rabid fan who rides the busses around Europe to follow your favorite team, there is a good chance you're going to share the game with someone in just about any room you walk into - for life!

If networking is all about finding common ground, knowing, liking, and wanting to get to know others, then the beautiful game is a great addition to the professional's toolbox. Discussions about the game transcend language, age, race, and can almost always draw a smile. Try kicking a ball to someone's feet and see how they respond! 

Benefits of Soccer as a Universal Language

The rules of soccer are universal. It doesn't matter what culture you come from, what language you speak, or what problems you wrestle with, the benefits of soccer can help us win together in the game of life!


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