How Would You Like to Connect With The Show?

There are lot's of ways to connect with the show and with me! Listed below are just a few ways that you can connect and keep up with the show and our growing community. Leave a message or connect with us on any of the channels listed below!

Become a Patron

Being a Patron of the show comes with added perks. Patrons have their own exclusive community, get content not released to the public, and can take advantage of other cool gifts and benefits. Becoming a Patron of the show can be as inexpensive as $1 a month to $50 a month - or could be a one-time donation of any amount. 

Money that comes from this show's Patron community helps to keep the show running, helps me to promote the message to a larger and new audiences, and helps us to help the rest of the world see how youth sports is meant to support the next generation of kids. It helps other soccer families to appreciate the game more and build closer relationships at home. 

Being a Patron also gives you behind the scenes access to an exclusive community of like-minded supporters and content. 

Leave a Comment or Question in Your Voice

Our Facebook main page posts all of our episodes. It also enables you to start or join in discussion about the various episodes. I do monitor this channel regularly, so you're sure to connect if you follow the show here. 

It's been really interesting to see how much interest people have had in our Twitter feed. Shows are automatically published there when they are released. I do check Twitter for DM and I do read through many of the show's follower's feeds. If you like this channel, your best bet is to follow the show and send me a direct message. 


I read and respond to every email. Please consider this an option when Facebook or Twitter formats don't suffice.