#61 – Finding Success in Real Life

It's time to take our youth sports character successes home! Moms and Dads are invited to come off the bench with me for this episode!

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Real Wins Happen in Real Life!

It's important to win. We should never be satisfied with losing. The drive to win pushes us. Being on a winning team helps us gel and feel good about ourselves (or maybe we win because we gel and feel good about ourselves - but that's a different discussion).

But there is more to life than winning soccer games or topping the standings chart. Carrying a force of character we developed in the crucible of youth sports is maybe more important than winning a game against the city orange or red team. 

Real wins for a youth sports program happen when kids absorb the lessons that youth sports are meant to teach. When a kid grows into an adult that strives to build a team and win at the game of life, youth coaches and parents can smile. We've achieved our goal. That's a win!


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