#34 – English Football in America

Partnering with Stoke City

It's taken months to put together a partnership with Stoke City Potters and Global Image Sports. This past weekend, we realized a major benefit from that partnership: an ID camp for kids throughout the region. We got rained out for part of the camp, but the camp continued - even when wet. 

Camp Locations

Camps like ours are happening all over the United States. Hosted by one Club per state, these camps give kids a chance to get in front of world class coaches and get recruited. Kids who get picked up from one of these camps go to the Nationals in Georgia - where they get reviewed by several EPL Academy coaches and offered the opportunity to come play for the development or regular academy in England. 

Andy Foxall

After spending three days with Andy Foxall, U14 Boys coach for Stoke City Academy, we talked for a bit in the car of the way to the airport. He's off to a camp in PA, but before he left, we talked about things like what Stoke is looking for, and how players can improve their skills. 

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