#12 – Get Ready to Enjoy a Tournament!

So much of the tournament experience happens beyond the pitch. Building esprit-de-corps, enjoying local food, experiencing the hotel, and checking out many different game and coaching styles are just a few!

In this episode, we explore two real-world soccer tournaments that are hosted in the Maryland area. As co-owner for both of these tournaments, David shares some insights on the value of tournaments and how to prepare for them by setting a budget, a plan for the area, and making registration deadlines well in advance.

In the early part of the year is the perfect time to think about what tournament activities you want to include in your Club or team experience. These present great opportunities to brush the rust off before the Fall season or put a polish on a team after a few months of hard work.

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[00:27] Tournaments are fun!

[01:15] Team Bonding

[01:56] What is the tournament experience like?

[04:29] Coming in from out of town

[04:41] When are the tournaments used as examples?

[04:46] What if I'm local and won't be competing?

[05:04] What does it cost and how do I get there?

[07:23] Getting Registered

[08:06] Wrap Up

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