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#20 Protecting Our Kids From Predators_Youth Protection

#20 Protecting Our Kids From Predators_Youth Protection

This episode made me sad to have to deliver, but this is a subject that is important to talk about. Better now than after another child is abused. Violations of youth protection result in pain that can last a lifetime. It’s important to talk about the pain that’s already happened, but it is equally important to talk about making it harder for this kind of abuse to happen in the future.

Today’s kids are tomorrow’s victims – unless we do something to prevent that from happening.

In this episode, we reveal the system that we put in place to prevent abuse in our Club. Learn how we do it, and share what best practices you may be aware of.

In this Episode

[01:08] Framing my perspetive on Youth Protection

[01:38] Assumptions: Predators are on the Hunt

[03:06] Predators are (and have been) among us

[03:46] Our 4-step process for protection

[03:54] Step 1: Creating and being clear about the rules

[04:22] Two-deep leadership

[04:48] Use the school system

[05:13] Darkness to Light

[06:21] Leverage other clubs

[7:02] Mandatory items for all coaches and adult volunteers who work with children

[07:24] National Centers for Safety Initiatives (NCSI)

[08:24] Getting arrested vs creating a record

[10:48] After the offense

[12:21] Background checks alone are not enough

[14:06] Step 2: Communicate often with parents and coaches

[16:08] Counseling players safely

[18:41] Two-way communication

[20:04] Step 3: Reinforcing the rules as often as possible

[21:58] Step 4: Review the rules each year during annual planning

[23:14] Prevent the news from happening (Summary)

Resources Mentioned in this Podcast

  • “National Center For Safety Initiatives – Protecting Vulnerable Populations.” National Center For Safety Initiatives – Protecting Vulnerable Populations,
  • “Homepage.” Darkness to Light,
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