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#8 – Getting Familiar with The Throw In

The throw-in is a basic maneuver that all soccer players, parents, fans, and coaches need to be familiar with. There are rules for the throw-in: where they are relevant, body position, physical position relative to the field, the movement itself, what other receiving players can or can not do, whether offsides rules apply during a throw-in. It’s equally important to know what happens if the rules are violated, and what happens if the ball goes into one of the nets from a throw-in.

In this episode, we reveal the ins and outs of the throw-in. Being familiar with this common play action will help anyone getting to know the game to appreciate the game more.

  • Foot placement
  • Distance from the touchline
  • Drawing the ball up over the head
  • Distance field players must maintain from the player throwing in
  • Penalties for violation of the various throw-in rules
  • Offsides rule during a throw-in
  • The longest throw-in

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

  • “Soccer Throw-In.” The Soccer Bible, 20 June 2014,

#6 – The Real and Profound Effect of Dehydration on Performance

Dehydration decreases mental and physical performance on the field and in school in some pretty dramatic ways. Something as simple as not drinking water cut performance by nearly 50% in laboratory studies for patients who were just walking! Dehydration affects the body and the mind in many ways that extend well beyond the soccer field.… Continue Reading